Downloads and Documents

Product Briefs
Title Type Size Date Note
NetMeter-OMNI-8C Product Brief 2.4MB 2014-02-02
User Manuals
Title Type Size Date Note
NetMeter-3P-600 Installation Manual 4MB 2015-12-21
NetMeter-3P-600 Modbus Manual 394.6KB 2013-01-29
NetMeter-OMNI-8C Installation Manual 3.4MB 2014-02-19
NetMeter-OMNI-8C Modbus Manual 263.7KB 2013-12-02
User Guides
Title Type Size Date Note
Online Help for the NetMeter-3P - -
NetMeter-3P NEMA1 10"x10"(+Fuse Holder) QuickGuide 2.7MB 2016-01-12
NetMeter-3P NEMA1 10"x10" QuickGuide 2.1MB 2017-01-11
NetMeter-OMNI NEMA1 10"x10" QuickGuide 2.7MB 2014-09-24
NetMeter-3P NEMA4 10"x8" QuickGuide 2.6MB 2013-07-11
NetMeter Eval System: Quick Install Guide 125.2KB 2012-07-11
NetMeter-3P Web API Specification 690.1KB 2012-05-02 TLA
DSP-10-24 Power Supply User Guide 302.2KB 2013-06-25
DSP-30-24 Power Supply User Guide 326.9KB 2013-06-25
NetMeter-3P Setup/Commissioning Worksheet 51KB 2013-02-20
Online Help for the NetMeter-OMNI - -
NetMeter-OMNI API Specification 1.0.0 1023.9KB 2014-03-22 TLA
NetMeter-OMNI Data Push API Guide 1.0.3 1.1MB 2014-12-16 TLA
Title Type Size Date Note
NetMeter-3P Firmware Update (V1 Build:0770) 680.7KB 2020-01-24 TLA
NetMeter-3P Firmware Update (V1 Build:0744) 677.2KB 2016-01-20 TLA
NetMeter-3P Firmware Update (V1 Build:0736) 675.3KB 2015-06-29 TLA
NetMeter-3P Firmware Update: Notes and Instructions - -
NetMeter-OMNI Firmware Update: Notes and Instructions - -
NetMeter-OMNI Firmware Update (V1 Build:0459) 638.5KB 2016-04-06 TLA
NetMeter-OMNI Firmware Update (V1 Build:0405) 638KB 2014-08-29 TLA
Z3 Device Discoverer 1.00 207.3KB 2012-08-14 TLA
Z3 Device Discoverer Installation Instructions - -
Online Tools
Title Type Size Date Note
Online Datalog Viewer (view a previously saved JSON file) - -